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FOX News
Aug 22, 2013 12:00am PDT
jobs out there are see yens, mathematics and technology. they need to have teachers who are engaged and make science and math fun. this is exactly what the teacher did. he should -- he deserves a pulitzer prize for his experiment. >> does anyone want one? >> kind of. >> i think dan said yes. >> the stuff is spelled with one "f." >> i used to love the double stuff oreos. you dip them in milk. but i can't eat any of that right now or maybe for the rest of my life. it goes straight to your you know what. >> hips? >> do you ever take the double stuff and make a quad quadruple stuff? >> would anyone like bill to eat one? >> i am still recovering from our white castle segment last night. i am still corked up. let's put it at that. >> if you were kids would you think this is a good experiment? >> this is a great experiment. with the obesity in america it is the only way to get kids to care about math and science is to put candy in front of it. another great lesson is terms are misleading and hyperbolic [bleep] talk about double stuffed all the time. it just eludes to that and it is never t
FOX News
Aug 27, 2013 12:00am PDT
waiting for the technology to advance a little bit longerment april, is this a good idea or a bad idea? >> it makes me really nervous. why john lennon? let's give michael jackson another try, right? see what he can do with that again? he can watch himself and develop -- >> there is a smaller portion of the population that would not be for that. >> you know with michael jackson you can clone him and then give him some parents and a real childhood. >> that's what he never had! you guys, that's why he behaved that way. >> a sweet man. >> andy, we forgot to get to you. you have an opportunity to comment on the earlier story, matt damon and then this story. >> first of all i think we should -- no offense to john john lennon who was a fabulous artist, but i would rank a few people higher and not michael jackson, but einstein, galileo, kate upton. >> kate upton is still alive. >> i am not aware of any problem that would arise from having more than one kate upton. >> somebody likes girls. >> the auction house says the tooth was too fragile to do a dna test on to prove it was john lennon.
FOX News
Aug 23, 2013 3:00am EDT
court and they said that they had misled the court based on their lack of sophisticated technology and they were informing the court now speaks a lot to their transparency. >> they are doing what people ask them to do. >> and what they should be doing. >> i hate the government. everybody knows i hate the government. i have to defend the nsa on this one. and andy, i know you are going to bash the nsa as usual. >> remi, remi, remi, remi. greg? by all means let's pat them on the back foregoing to the court that oversea itself and says we just realize we were violating the constitution for three yearsment sorry. really? you get credit for that? >> it was accidental. >> i don't think you can call it a violation of the constitution. >> the judge said it was a violation of the constitution. >> they did not realize what they were doing. >> the judge said it was a violation of the constitution. >> the judge said contrary to the government's repeated assurances nsa was routinely running query of the meta data using terms that did not meet the standards for querieses. the nsa was telling the
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)